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    Demonic Flutist

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    Demonic Flutist

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:22 am

    Requirements:2750 Ryou,450 Experience points.


    Demonic Sound (Attribute) Sound Genjutsu Cannot be Released through the Release Technique. Sound Genjutsu will Have a +1 Range Bonus.
    Intro Music (200 Chakra) Makes all techniques that Automatically Defend against the User's Genjutsu cost an extra 75 chakra for the next 2 turns. Can't Interrupt. can only be used once.Range:User
    Harmony #1: Nocturne of Shadows (50 Chakra)Multi-hit,Instant,Stops Opponent for one turn,After Hold; Opponent is Blinded for 2 turns.MultiLine-Range 5


    Harmony #2: Ballad of Broken Hearts (75 Chakra)Multi-Hit Enfeebles 100 For 2 turns and Fractures,Confuses For a turn if used After Harmony #1.MultiLine-Range 4.
    Harmony #3: Sonnet of Death (125 Chakra) 200 Life Damage,200 Stamina Damage if used after Harmony #3. MultiLine-Range 4
    Harmony #4: Serenade of War (150 Chakra)Mult-hit Absorbs 100 Stamina from Targets,Berserks 150 for 2 turns.MultiLine-Range 4


    Harmony #5: Ode To The Fallen (150 Chakra) 300 Life damage, Holds for 1 turn , the Next Genjutsu will Cost An additional 25 life to release from. If Used After Harmony #4; It will be an additionial 75 Life. Cannot Stack. Once every Three Turns. MultiLine-Range:5
    Harmony #6: Dream Sound Chain (250 Chakra)100 Life Damage. Captures all for 2 Turns. Select 1 effect to Add. If Used After Harmony #5. Player Selects Two. If Opponents release from this Genjutsu without an Inevitable Defender, the Effects still work. Cost 300 Life To Cancel. Inevitable. Can only be used once.MultiLine-Range:4

    Downgrades all Avoid Effects: Last for 7 Turns.
    Downgrades all Blocking Effects:Last for 7 Turns.
    Reduces all Life Damage by 100:Last for 5 Turns.
    Increases Opponent's Chakra cost for Techniques by 25:Last for 4 Turns.
    Poisons 50 for 8 Turns.

    Harmony #7:Dirge To Hell (200 Chakra) 250 Life/Chakra/Stamina Damage. Immoblizes opponent for one turn. If this is the Killing Technique, the Opponent cannot revive. Twice per battle. MultiLine-Range:4

    All Demonic Sound Techniques are considered Genjutsu.

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