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    Yamanaka Empty Yamanaka

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:01 am

    Yamanaka Yamanaka


    Battlefield Harvest (1 MP) Add up to 10 Flower Shuriken to item pouch. Flower Shuriken (1 Inventory Slot) 50 life damage can't avoid by -esp-
    Mind Body Transfer (125 chakra) Control Opponent's post for up to three posts. User cannot move themselves or use any techniques during this time. Can't block/interrupt. If the user misses, they are held for one post. Range:4 If used from Range 1 or less, this gains "can't avoid". Second effect is twice per battle.
    *Transfer Release (0 chakra, passive) Ends Mind Body Transference


    Plaguefield Harvest(1 Mp, 75 chakra) Add up to 5 Poison Flower Shurikens to item pouch. Poison Flower Shuriken (2 Inventory Slot)50 life damage, 25 poison damage for 4 posts Cant Dodge. Poison stacks.
    *Mental Sap(125 stamina) Absorb 150 chakra. Ends effect of Mind Body Transference. Considered Genjutsu
    Mind Null (125 Chakra)Disable 2 Genjutsu Costing 150 Chakra or lower aimed at the User.


    Shades of Confusion(200 chakra) User directs an opponent's attacks for 6 posts. May direct up to three opponents at once. Can't block/interrupt. Range: 3 If used from Range:1 or less, gains "can't avoid". TWice per opponent.
    *Mind Body Disturbance (200 Chakra) If Successful, Target will attack an ally instead of the User. User can designate which opponent's ally. Cant Interrupt/Guard/Dodge.Range:3
    Hidden Corpse{Attribute} If Yamanaka user is hidden and successfully hits with Mind Body Transfer, they may not be attacked while Mind Body Transfer is in effect. If the Yamanaka user misses, their hidden status is not revoked.
    Mind Skimming(250 chakra) Avoid one technique, including inevitable and inevitable genjutsu. Once Per battle. Considered Genjutsu.


    Subtle Mind Change (100 Chakra,passive) Player is able to Activate Mind Body Transfer if the selected Taijutsu successfully hits the Opponent,Once every 4 Turns.
    Mind Telepathy(25 Chakra,passive) One Ally may attack the User's Target or Automatically Avoid Attacks from the User's Opponent.
    New Approach Technique(100 chakra, passive) One technique becomes inevitable for one use. If the chosen technique is yamanaka, it can be made obliterating, but becomes once per battle, no matter what. Once per battle, no matter what.
    Heavy Mental Drain (175 stamina) Absorb 150 chakra. If mind Body Transfer is in effect, this drains 250 chakra. Range: 3. Considered Genjutsu.
    *Mind Blast(150 Chakra)250 Life/Stamina Damage,Cant Block/Interrupt/Dodge.Range:Opponent affected by Mind Body Transfer
    *Requires Mind Body Transfer to be in effect
    Definition:Control- Allows the Player to use the Target's Body. The Player can move the Target around.The user can use his/her E-c ranked Taijutsu in the Target's Body or Any Skills that the Two share in common

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