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    Shikotsumyaku Empty Shikotsumyaku

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:47 am

    Shikotsumyaku Shika


    Calcium Increase (Birth Attribute) At the Beginning of their Life, The Player Gains 50 Stamina
    Bone Sword(50 chakra,passive) enables Bone sword attacks.
    --Slash(50 Stamina) 100 life damage, cant avoid.Range:0
    --Guard (100 Stamina) Guards Against One Taijutsu/Item or 4 or less Throwing Weapons,Defended Items cannot be recovered.
    --Bottom Floor Sweep(100 Stamina)75 Life Damage while confusing for one turn and interrupting the opponent. Range:0
    --Dance of the Camellia (50 Stamina) 100 Life damage. cant be blocked.Move-Range:1
    Finger Bullets (25 chakra per two Bullets) 50 Life Damage per two bullets, Function as a Throwing Weapon and receives any Throwing Weapon Bonuses/Debuffs. Range:3
    Bone Arm Spikes (50 chakra, passive) All user's Shikotsumyaku attacks and taijutsu +50 damage.Guarding Taijutsu may now Guard Another Technique. Spike Takes a Tenth of the Damage. Durability:100. Twice per battle.


    Dance of the Willow(50 chakra, 100 stamina)Multi-Hit 200 life damage, can't avoid.Move-Range:2
    Dance of the Larch(150 chakra)Guard Against All taijutsu from opponent's last post.+50 stamina to deal 1/2 Life Damage of the defended attack back to the opponent,May Block Taijutsu with "Cant Block" but not inevitable. Max Return 200 Damage. Twice every five turns. Range:0
    Calcium Growth (200 chakra, 100 stamina,passive) Regain XXX health. XXX= half the damage dealt to you from the opponents last turn. Max 300 health. Once per battle.


    -Spinal Core Whip (50 chakra passive) Enables Whip attacks and dance of clematis attacks.
    --Whiplash (100 Stamina) 200 life damage, cant be interrupted/Guard. Range 3
    --Wrap (125 Stamina)Holds opponent for 2 turns, cant be Interrupted or Dodged. Range 2
    -- Constrict (200 Stamina) 300 life damage, Cant Interrupt,Dodge or Block.Range:0
    --Dance of Clematis:Vine (250 Stamina) Hold opponent for 4 turns,can only use Shikotsumyaku Techniques, Cannot Dodge/Interrupt/Block. Range 2.
    --Whip Tighten (75 Stamina,passive) Automatically activated when "Dance of the Clemantis; Vine" is in effect. Opponent takes 50 damage every turn till the holding effect ends. This is disabled if "Shield of Sand" has been used to while held.
    Dance of the Clematis: Flower (250 chakra) 400 life damage, If opponent is caught in Dance of Clematis:Vine, user can pay 75 stamina to pull itself to the square adjacent to the opponent in order to use this attack.Cant Avoid/Interrupt/Guard.once every 3 turns.Range: 1


    Dance of the Seedling Ferns (300 chakra)Multi-Hit 500 life damage,User can pay 100 stamina and one movement action to move to any square in this skill's area of effect.Inevitable,once per battle.If Curse Mutation:Dinosaur Tail is active,This may become Obliteration. MultiLine-Range 5

    -If Curse Seal of Earth Level 1 is active, all of this bloodline's attacks do 50 more damage.
    -If Curse Seal of Earth Level 2 is active, Dance of the Clematis: Vine and Dance of the Seedling Ferns gain +1 to their maximum range.
    -One Dance of Clematis technique becomes Inevitable while in Curse Seal of Earth level 2.
    -Calcium Growth becomes twice per battle

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