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    Mokuton Empty Mokuton

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:43 am

    Mokuton Mokuton


    Wood Manipulation Mastery (Birth Attribute) The Player may automatically possess Water and Earth Elements or just Wood Subtle Element (cannot learn other Subtle Element) when born,Also the player may begin learning Wood Techniques immediately. Wood Techniques will Cost -1 AP. Cannot Cost under 1 AP
    Wooden Secret Technique:Tree Restraints (50 Chakra per Turn,100 Chakra per turn for Multi Hit) Holds opponent for one turn, cant be blocked,or dodged. Range:2
    Wooden Secret Technique: Tree Collapse (100 Chakra) 200 Life Damage, 300 Life Damage if the Target is held in a Wood Technique. Cant Interrupt or Guard. Range:3
    Wooden Secret Technique:Great Forest Technique(100 chakra) Guard 4 techniques from one square. Multi-hit 150 life damage. Can't block. Can hold opponents 1 post for +50 chakra. Can be used as an offensive technique. Line Range: 5


    Wooden Secret Technique:Wood Clone Technique(### Chakra) Creates up to 3 Clones with 25/XXX Life and Chakra.Wood Techniques deal +50 Damage and cost 50 less. Water and Earth Techniques cost 25 less Once every three turns.
    Wooden Secret Technique:Wood Barrier Technique (150 Chakra,200 For an Inevitable) Shields all Incoming Attacks For you and 2 Allies on the square.Can Block an Inevitable;once per battle,but will cause the Shield to Break. Cannot Block Fire or Lightning. Durability:300.
    Wooden Secret Technique:Wood Element Transformation (125 Chakra,passive) Allows the User transforms his appearance to resemble a Puppet, all attacks targeting at that player will be reduced by 100 life damage.excluding Multi-hits. Durability is 200. Once every Three Turns. Only One can be activated per time.


    Wooden Secret Technique:Birth of Dense Woodland (250 Chakra) All normal arena spaces now have trees.200 Durability damage to all shields.All Wood Techniques deal +50 Life Damage/+1 Range.cant interrupt. Once every 10 Turns.
    Wooden Secret Technique:Four Pillar Prison Technique (150 Chakra)Multi-Hit Holds Opponent For Three Turns, The Target may escape by using a Fire Technique,but the Damage will also harm the Target. Cant Block/Interrupt. Range 4. The Held can only be damaged by Wood Based Techniques.
    Wooden Secret Technique:Binding Nest (150 Chakra) Holds Opponent for 3 Turns while Dealing 100 Life Damage,Cant Avoid,cannot be interrupted if used after a Water Skill. Range:2
    Wooden Secret Technique:Locking Wall (200 Chakra) Reduces An Opponent's Technique Damage by 300 Damage for User and 2 Allies on the current Square,3 times per battle.


    Elemental Chakra to Life(Attribute) If a Wood Technique is Targeted at a Building, The Damage is turned into a Amount of Durability the Building Regains. Birth of the Dense Woodland and Four Pillar Home can now be used to shorten the building Cost.
    Wooden Secret Technique:Death of Dense Woodland (250 chakra) Deals 400 Life Damage to All Opponents on any square that Birth of Dense Woodland affected,inevitable.Range:Battle Field
    Wooden Secret Technique:Four Pillar Home Technique (300 Chakra) Select One Effect,once per battle.
    -Create Building (Durability: 1500) Allies inside will recover 300/300/300.
    -Rest Item: All Allies on the square will recover 500/500/500 and all poisons/negative effects will be removed.
    Wooden Secret Technique:60 Years Retirement Technique • Sanctuary Enlightenment Enclosing Palm (400 Chakra) 400 Life/Chakra/Stamina Damage +100 Life/Chakra/Stamina Damage per every form the Jinchuuriki has passed. Jinchuuriki cannot revive if killed by this. Obliteration Technique. Can only be used on a Jincuuriki using its Demon Powers. Range:2

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