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    Kurama Empty Kurama

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:42 am

    Kurama Kurama


    Demonic Illusion:Bean Pod Capture(50 chakra) Capture opponent two posts. Range: 1
    Demonic Illusion:Pod Harvest(50 chakra) 150 stamina damage to all opponents captured by a Bean Pod technique
    Demonic Illusion:Spreading Roots(passive, 100 chakra) All Kurama techniques gain 2 range and if they deal damage, deal +100 damage. Upkeep: 25 chakra/turn


    Demonic Illusion:Bean Pod Garden(125 chakra) Capture all opponents 2 posts. Range:1
    Demonic Illusion:Illusionary Torch(100 chakra) 100 life damage. Can't be released through Kai Release. Deals +75 life damage if target is captured by a Bean Pod technique. Range: 2
    Demonic Illusion:Distressing Vines(75 chakra) Multi-hit. Opponents use one less technique for the next 4 posts. Range: 3
    Demonic Illusion:Plant Overlay(50 chakra) Quick block on technqiue. May Block 2 techniques if Spreading Roots is in effect


    Demonic Illusion:Illusionary Inferno(150 chakra) Multi-hit 150 life damage. Can't be released by Kai Release. Can't interrupt. Deals +100 damage to any target captured by a Bean Pod technique. Three times per battle.
    Demonic Illusion:Withered Pod Transference (100 chakra) User moves one space in any direction. May move up to three spaces if Spreading Roots is in effect.
    Demonic Illusion:Fly Lure (125 chakra) 1 summon cannot attack for 2 turns. Can only be used on each summon once every 3 turns. Can't interrupt.
    Demonic Illusion:Vine Strangle (125 Chakra) Chokes 100 Life for 2 Turns,Cant be Disabled by Inflict Self Pain.


    Demonic Illusion:Heart of Illusion {Attribute} All genjutsu deals +50 life damage and can be paid with either chakra or stamina
    Demonic Illusion:Everlasting Autumn(150 Chakra) Targeted Square will create a Tree,Until the Tree is dead; User's Genjutsu gain:Confuse opponent for one turn,+25 Life or Chakra to Disable.DP:1000. Range:2
    Demonic Illusion:Fired Bean Pod Garden(250 chakra) 300 life damage Captures opponents 2 posts. Inevitable. Once per battle. Range: 3
    Demonic Illusion:Prosperity of the Fields(200 chakra) One doton technique becomes genjutsu for this turn. Gains all doton mods and cannot be released by Kai release. Twice per battle.
    Demonic Illusion:Vine Reverse Enshroud(300 Chakra) Avoids All Attacks aimed at the User while +100 Life or Chakra to disable the User's Next 3 Genjutsu,Twice per battle.

    ~Note~ All Kurama Skills count as genjutsu

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