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    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:41 am

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    Extra Arms (Attribute) User will learn how to control their extra four arms as they grow stronger. All Taijutsu Guards block an extra attack while costing +50 stamina.
    Spider Sticky Gold Arsenal (25 chakra,passive) Can add up to Five Kunai to throwing pouch or can be used during a trap.
    Spider Sticky Vomit (75 chakra) Swings opponent to a space within range,if thrown at a surface:deals 150 life damage. Cant Block/Interrupt. Range:2


    Spider Cobweb Region (150+25 per range chakra) If an enemy enters range of this trap,user and allies have two more minutes to respond to the move. Effect last for three turns per enemy. Cost 25 chakra per turn to keep active. Range 1 [Limit is 10]
    Spider Bind (100 Chakra) Holds opponents for 2 turns,Cant Avoid. Sticks enemy to nearest surface. Range 3
    Spider Sticky Gold Armor (150 Chakra,passive) Guards against any attack,excluding genjutsu.


    Upgrade Special Effect For Spider Sticky Gold Armor : Can reduce a attack by 300 Damage,once per battle.
    Extra Arms (Attribute) User will learn how to control their extra four arms as they grow stronger. All taijutsu Guards block an extra attack while costing +50 stamina.Allows the player to set traps in half the time required.
    Spider Sticky Spit (200 Chakra) 300 life damage,Cant Interrupt.Enfeebles 50 for 2 turns. Range 5
    Spider Cobweb Flower (125 chakra per cobweb) Holds for 2 turns,sticks target to nearest surface. cant Interrupt/Dodge/Guard.Multi- Range 4. Limit of 3 cobwebs.


    Spider Cocoon (200 Chakra) Holds opponent for three turns while Sticking them to the nearest surface. if Byakugan user is held,they can pay 150 chakra to disable the hold. cant be blocked,interrupted or dodged. Range 3
    Spider Cobwen Opening (250 Chakra)Multi-Hit,Captures all opponents on a selected row/column within range for three turns , Technique must be attached to some surface. all throwing items deal twice as much damage to Captured Targets.cant interrupt/ block. Range 5. Only one may be out per user.
    Spider Sticky Gold: Spider Warbow; Horrible Split (25+### chakra) 50+###x2 Life damage,cant be interrupted or Guarded. Becomes an Obliteration Technique once if Cursed Mutation:Third Eye is active.Can only become an inevitable Once. Range 5 {max:200 chakra}

    Modifications for the arrow.
    Web Fletching: adds cant be avoided while allowing the arrow to bypass any avoid debuffering techniques, three times per battle
    Screw Tipped: adds cant be blocked, +100 life damage to the arrow while allowing the arrow to destroy any barricades between itself and the target. three times per battle.

    Note: Sticking Techniques will cause the target to stick to the closest surface; meaning they are stuck on a tree/shield/barrier,and will receive any damage that the surface receives. If the target is in air and Stuck,it will free-fall to the nearest surface on that column.
    Note:Spider Bind,Spider Cobweb Opening,Spider Cocoon,Spider Cobweb Flower can be interrupted by any Byakugan based technique, unless if it cannot be interrupted,then it may be guarded through byakugan by paying 125 chakra. even if it can be guarded

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