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    Cursed Blood

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    Cursed Blood Empty Cursed Blood

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:35 am

    Cursed Blood CursedBlood


    Unpredictable Personality (Birth Attribute) User will Roll a Die every Turn. If the User rolls a 1, for that Turn the User's Attacks deal +150 Life/Stamina Damage, but the User can only use Taijutsu and Birthright Attacks. If the User rolls a 2, for that Turn the User's Attacks deal -50 Life/Stamina Damage.
    - Dice Code for Attribute
    Curse Transformation:State 1(150 Life) 250 Chakra/Stamina Increase. All Offensive Skills gain +100 Life Damage and -25 Energy. 25 Life Upkeep per turn.
    Withdrawal (0 Stamina) Withdraws the Curse Seal. User may reactivate the Curse Seal but will not gain the Energy boost. Can't Interrupt.
    *Destroying Axe Fist (50 Chakra, 75 Stamina) 200 Life Damage. This can Also Guard Against 1 Skill. Can't Shield/Can't Dodge. Taijutsu.


    Situational Body Mutation (Attribute) During Battle, User may use 1 Skill from a Cursed Seal Mutation Set. Cannot be an Attribute or Passive. Once every 4 Turns. User must alternate between all Sets and cannot use the same exact Skill Twice in a Row or use the same Set Twice in a Row.
    *Living Whip Arm (100 Chakra, 50 Stamina) 150 Life Damage. Immobilize Target for 1 Turn. Can't Interrupt/Can't Shield. Taijutsu.
    *Living Cage Palm (125 Chakra, 75 Stamina) Capture up to 2 Opponents for 2 Turns. Absorb 100 Chakra each Turn they are Captured. User may only use Birthright Skills during this Time. Can't Avoid/Can't Interrupt/Can't Guard. Twice per Battle. Taijutsu.
    *Body Absorption (100 Stamina) User will regain 400/400 Life/Chakra. Can only be used when something/someone has died on the Battlefield (User's Ally/Summon, Opponent's Ally/Summon). When this is used, whatever that has been Absorbed cannot Revive. Can't Interrupt. Once per Battle. Can only be used when User has 1/3 of their Original Life/Chakra.


    Malicious Urge Control (Attribute) All User's Taijutsu and Birthright Skills deal +100 Life/Stamina Damage. This replaces Unpredictable Personality.
    Partial Curse Transformation(125 Life) User may take a portion of the Energy Increase from State 2 and State 1, However that portion will be deducted from the States Transformation.All Offensive Skills gain +75 Life Damage and -25 Energy. User may use the Cursed Mutation and State 1 abilities. 50 Life Upkeep per turn.
    **Living Wall Fist (150 Chakra, 75 Stamina) 300 Life Damage. Can't Guard/Can't Interrupt/Can't Dodge. Once every 3 Turns. Taijutsu.
    **Jet Booster Jump (100 Chakra) Using this combined with a Jump Maneuver, will propel the User up to 5 Squares in the Air. User's Free-Fall is suspended for 2 Turns, unless they wish to end this skill prematurely. User may pay 25 Chakra per Square in order to Maneuver in the Air Left or Right. Once every 3 Turns.


    Level 2 Cursed Seal Release (400 Life) 600 Chakra/Stamina Increase. All skills deal +250 Damage and cost -75 Chakra.50 Life Upkeep per turn.
    ***Living Needle Hair (150 Chakra every 2 Rounds) 150 Life Damage. Impair 200 for 1 Turn. Can't Avoid/Can't Interrupt. Once per Battle.
    ***Cursed Seal Chakra Blast (250+XXX Chakra) 450 Life Damage. Obliterate. Once per Battle. Range: 0. XXX Chakra must be used from Cursed Seal Chakra. Max: 200.
    ***Compatibility Revival (XXX Life) User may pay a portion of their own Life to Revive or Heal any Ally that has a Cursed Seal. Once per Battle. Max: 500 Life.

    Notes: *= Requires Level 1 Cursed Seal Release.
    **= Requires at least Partial Cursed Seal Release Active.
    ***= Requires at least Level 2 Cursed Seal Release Active.
    Energy Reduced Skills for this Birthright CANNOT go below 100 Energy, nor can the Reductions Stack.

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