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    Aburame Empty Aburame

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:25 am

    Aburame Aburame

    Starting Amount in the Body/Total Max Amount for the per Rank
    Special Jounin:800/1200


    Kikaichuu Jutsu:Destruction Bug Technique (### Destruction Beetles.### Chakra,Passive) Withdraws ### Destruction Beetles from the body. The Beetles are indiviual units with 1/1/1,but only groups of 25 or more are able to used. Player may grant the Beetles more Chakra,if desired.
    Destruction Bug Reproduction (Passive,25 Chakra per 25 Insects) Player is able to reproduce 200 more Insects if at least two insects have returned back to the User. Must wait Four turns to use the new generation of insects.


    Insect Clone (50 Chakra,50 Insects) Dodge 2 or Avoid one Attack from Opponent's Turn. The Insects used in this are now in the battlefield.
    Bug Jar Shielding Technique (125 Chakra,### Insects) Guards Against two or less Attacks aimed at the user. Cannot Guard against Attacks with Higher Damage then insects being used.
    Insect Hail (150 Chakra) Multi-Hit, 200 Life Damage and 100 Chakra Damage,cant be Avoided. Cant Interrupt/Guard by Taijutsu/Items. Insects must be in Flight or Above targets. Does not receive Attach effects.


    Insect Cocoon (300 Chakra) Camouflages the User from being attacked or attacking for Three Turns or until Reproduction Stage is over. Cant interrupt
    Destruction Bug Reproduction;Customization (Passive,25 Chakra per 25 Insects) The player is able to select different types of Insects to create and if the past generation of Insects survived against an attack,the next generation will receive a slight immunity towards the type of Technique. Must wait Four Turns to use Next Generation Insects.

    • Shelled Beetles: Each Beetle has 2 Life instead of one. If Hit by an inevitable, 25 Insects automatically survive.
    • Horned Beetles: As a group of 25,they consume 25 more chakra. Aburame Techniques deal +25 when these Beetles are being used in the technique.
    • Multi-Winged Beetles: These Insects may move up to two spaces further then any other Beetle. Formations cost -25 Chakra for the user.
    Insect Wall (250 Chakra,### Insects) Guards Against All Attacks,including Inevitables but not genjutsu, aimed at the current Square; Protects Allies as wells. Cannot Guard against Attacks with Higher Damage then insects being used. Twice per battle.
    Insect Gathering (125 Chakra) Allows insect to return back to the user if they are within 3 Squares./u]
    Insect Tornado (200 Chakra) Multi-Hit, 250 Life Damage and 150 Chakra Damage,Cant Interrupt. Confuses Enemies for one turn.


    Insect Globe (300 Chakra,500 Insects Required) Multi-Hit, 200 Life and Chakra Damage for three turns or 500 for one turn. Immobilizes the Targets while in effect. Inevitable,once per battle.
    Insect Meteor (200 Chakra) 300 Life and Chakra Damage.
    Insect Detection Circle (250 Chakra) The Insects will Spread throughout the entire field and Disable any Traps/Camouflages on the map. Requires 25 Insect per Trap/Camoflage. Cant Interrupt,once per battle. Cannot Command Insects for this turn and next turn.

    Starting Amount in the Body/Total Max Amount for the per Rank
    Special Jounin:800/1200

    Players may buy gourds or use armor/pouches to store more insects.

    Commands (Passive,Instant)- The player is able to command the Destruction Beetles and give them basic commands, these commands might increase the potential of some Techniques. All commands are considered passive.
    March(0 Insect Chakra) Moves an amount of Beetles in any direction except above the current row,max of two squares.
    Attach(0 Insect Chakra) The Bugs attach themselves to a target in the same square, if the target has Air pipes or is a puppet, the Lifetime Skills or Puppet cannot be used until the bugs die or 7 turns. Any Aburame Technique Used on the target while attach deals +100 more damage.
    Consume (25 Insect Chakra) The Insects Absorb The amount of Chakra from an Attached Target. The Damage is equal to amount of Insects attached. Limit Absorbed is 300.
    Return(0 Chakra) Return back to the User, Must be in the same square


    Formations:Instant;The User will use basic formations to unleash attacks towards an opponent.
    Spindle (100 Insect Chakra,25 Chakra) 200 Life Damage, Knock Back one Square. Cant Guard/Dodg. Move-Range:1
    Shield (150 Chakra,100 Insects) Command up to 100 Insects to Reduce the damage of one Attack aimed at the User. the 100 Insects die.

    Additional Commands
    Fly (25 Chakra) Insects may now move up to three spaces in any direction. Any Insect Attack used with Insects in flight gain: cant Dodge.
    Scatter (50 Insect Chakra) Avoid any attack aimed at the insects.
    Additional Commands
    Survey (100 Chakra) Insects will reveal any Camouflaged enemies at the selected square.
    Additional Formation
    Bullet (25 Insect Chakra,25 Chakra) 75 Life Damage,Cant Dodge. Move-Range:5
    Cloud (100 Insect Chakra,25 Chakra) Blinds Opponent for two turns, Cannot use Selected Insects while active.
    Additionials Commands
    Spread (25 Insect Chakra) Next Aburame Formation/Technique will gain "Multi-Hit" or Target the squares to the left and right of the selected,if already Multi-Hit.
    Swarm(25 Insect Chakra) Immoblizes the Target while adding Cant interrupt to the next Insect Technique on this turn,cannot be made inevitable.
    Erase (150 Insect Chakra,100 Chakra) Insects will end the effect of a non-plagued Poison on the selected Target. Duration must be longer then two turns left.cant use selected Insects next turn. Once every four turns.
    Additionials Formation
    Spear (150 Insect Chakra,50 Chakra) 300 Life Damage, Negates any Reducing Effect and Item Effects. Cant Block. Move-Range 3
    Hammer (200 Insect Chakra,50 Chakra)100 Life damage, Berserks 100 and confusing the opponent for one turn.Cant Dodge/Interrupt Move-Range 3

    Notes/Evolution System

    • Evolution: If at least two insects survive from an attack,they may reproduce a generation of beetles that are resistant to that type of Attack (Fire,Non Elemental Genjutsu,Throwing Items,Etc). The Player may take one effect/Damage from the attack and the insects will be slightly immune to that. Per Immunity Limit: 50 Damage or Reducing the effect's duration by One turn.
    • Each Element has a limit of Four Immunity slots.
    • Insects may still take Commands and use formations while Master is held.
    • Evolution only remains permanent in areas where the player can die.
    • Immunities cannot grow from Obliteration Techniques, If any immune insects survive a battle,the player is allowed to grant all insects the same immunities.
    • The Chakra given to the Unit of Beetles is given to the unit as a whole,not to the individuals.

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