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    Wind (Futon)

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    Wind (Futon) Empty Wind (Futon)

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:30 pm

    Wind (Futon) Wind-2


    • The Chakra Paper cuts in half,your Chakra Affinity is Wind! You may learn and use Wind Elemental Techniques!
    • Wind is strong against Lighting, but weak against Fire
    • While in a Stalemate/Deadlock with a Lighting Element Jutsu, The Wind Technique will Win. A Wind Jutsu will lose to Fire Jutsu in a stalemate.
    • Opponent's Fire Attacks deal +100 Life Damage to User's Wind Shields,while Opponent's Lightning Attacks deal -100 Life Damage.
    • User's Wind Skills deal +100 Life Damage to Opponent's Lightning Shields, and -100 Life Damage to Opponent's Fire Shields.
    Requirements: 250 Ryou,500 Experience Points.

    Gust (100 chakra)Instant,200 life damage,interrupts one attack from two or less opponents, cant Dodge/Shield. Range 2
    Whirlwind (75+### chakra)100 life damage+ 2x### [limit is 100 chakra ],Confuse for 2 turns. Cant block.Multi-Range 1
    Squall (100 chakra)200 life damage,this technique gains +100 stamina damage if used against a Water technique.Cant Guard. Multi-Range:2
    Whiplash (100 chakra) 100 life,200 stamina/chakra damage occurs if a Wind Skill ,from the last turn, hits the Target. Inevitable. Twice per battle.Range:2

    Requirements:500 Ryou,750 Experience Points.

    Gale (50 chakra)Interrupts all opponent’s techniques on the field, technique cost an additional 50 chakra every time used. [limit is 200]
    Twister (150 chakra)Guards against all Attacks, +100 Chakra to Guard an Ally. Next Wind Skill gains the effect “cant be interrupted” latter effect:twice per battle.
    Zephyr (125 Chakra)Multi-Hit,200 Life Damage. Knocks any opponent from the air to the ground.cannot avoid.Line-Range:3
    Wind Vortex (100 chakra) Draws all opponent one space closer to you, if a Target is in User's Square,the Target is sent into another area for 2 turns. They cannot heal/be attack/or attack. They suffer 200 life/stamina damage per turn. Cant Avoid/Guard/Interrupt,Range 3
    Prevailing Wind (25 chakra,passive) all Techniques in a deadlock or stalemate will automatically win,this can only be used once every 3 turns.

    Requirements:1000 Ryou,1250 Experience Points.

    Tornado (250 chakra)Multi Hit, All opponents are drawn into your space,and held for three turns, during this time, Wind Skills will do +100 life damage. Cannot avoid/interrupt.Multi-Range 3
    Hurricane (150 chakra)Confuses all opponents for 2 turns, all wind techniques gain the effects “cant be blocked or interrupted” for 3 turns;however, only one technique can become inevitable per Duration. Cant Interrupt.Twice per Battle. Range:5
    Cyclone (250 chakra)Multi-Hit 400 life damage,100 stamina damage, cant Guard/Interrupt,once every 3 turns. Multi-Range 3
    Tempest (125 chakra) Multi hit, Blinds all opponents for 2 turns, cannot avoid/ interrupt.Line-Range 2
    Wind Stream (150 chakra,passive) adds the Effect: Multi hit/Range to all Fuuton techniques for the rest of the battle,this effect cost 25 chakra every two turns to keep active.
    -Second Effect: can Send all opponents back two or more spaces, loses passive effect but gains cant block/ interrupt.Line-Range:3
    Flight (50 chakra per turn,passive)User May Move up to 5 Squares in any Direction, Cannot use Manuevers when this is active.

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