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    Fire (Katon)

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    Fire (Katon) Empty Fire (Katon)

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:29 pm

    Fire (Katon) Fire2


    • The Chakra Paper ignites and turns to ash,your Chakra Affinity is Fire! You may learn and use Fire Elemental Techniques!
    • Fire is strong against Wind,but weak against Water
    • While in a Stalemate/Deadlock with a Wind Element Jutsu, The Fire Technique will Win. A Fire Jutsu will lose to Water Jutsu in a stalemate.
    • Opponent's Water Attacks deal +100 Life Damage to User's Fire Shields,while Opponent's Wind Attacks deal -100 Life Damage.
    • User's Fire Skills deal +100 Life Damage to Opponent's Wind Shields,and -100 Life Damage to Opponent's Water Shields.
    Requirements: 250 Ryou,500 Experience Points.

    Ember (100 chakra)Instant 200 life damage,cant Guard/avoid. Range 1
    Torch (150 chakra)Multi-hit 50 life damage,burns 50 Life for 6 Turns.cant interrupt/Guard.Line-Range:3
    Flare (200 chakra) 400 life damage,+100 stamina damage if the opponent is above the user,Cant Interrupt.Range 3
    Blaze (25 Chakra per Turn Duration)Instant, Burns 50 life damage for the opponent,cant Shield/Interrupt.Limit 100 chakra. Range:2

    Requirements:500 Ryou,750 Experience Points.

    Meteor (100 chakra)100 life damage while confusing the opponent for 2 turns.cant be Dodged/blocked. Range 5
    Flamethrower (200 chakra)Multi-hit 400 life damage,cant be avoided/Shielded. Attack Range does not alter for the angleblock rule. MultiLine-Range:3
    Incendiary Grenade(50 Chakra per Turn Duration)Multi-Hit, Burns 100 life damage and Fractures Taijutsu, cant be interrupted/Guarded. once every 5 turns.Multi-Range 3
    Nova Blast (250 chakra+50 for Multi hit) 500 life damage,Burn 25 Life for 2 turns. cant interrupted/shield.Line-Range:3
    Fire Tornado (150 chakra)Multi-hit 200 life damage, Guards all Earth Based Techniques while Melting All Incoming Projectiles, cant interrupt/Guard by Skills costing 100 chakra or less.

    Requirements:1000 Ryou,1250 Experience Points.

    Meteor Shower (150 Chakra+25 Per Meteor) 300 life damage,additional meteor deals 50 life damage,cant avoid/interrupted, Limit:125 Chakra. After 3 Meteors,this becomes Multi Hit/Range.Range 3
    Inferno (200 chakra)Creates a layer of Fire on the Base Level, any on this level will receive 50 life damage per turn.Suiton techniques deal an +100 Damage to fire,cant be interrupted.DP:800 once per battle.
    Sun (300 chakra) Creates a Object Above the Battlefield, this Object will absorb 50 chakra from any Fire Based technique,once it reaches 500,this Object will explode and deal 500 life damage to all ,Can only be avoided with techniques cost more than 125 Chakra. Cant Interrupt/block.
    Star Fire (150 chakra) 300 life damage,Knockdown:1. cant be interrupted or Shielded.Line-Range 4
    Super Nova (250 chakra)Multi Hit, 400 life damage,Burns 50 for 2 Turns.cant be Interrupted/Blocked.Multi-Line Range 4
    Blue Fire (500 chakra) 300 Life/Chakra Damage , Burn 50 Life/Stamina for 4 turns, Inevitable.Once.Line-Range:5

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