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    Bond/Hatred System

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    Bond/Hatred System Empty Bond/Hatred System

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:51 am

    Bond/Hatred System
    Growing Bonds

    • Players are allowed to have as many Bonds as possible,although it may not be possible for the user to bond with certain players ,example: Enemy Villages,Animals,Non-playable Characters,and some Rogues.
    • Players grow bonds by sparring with each other,doing missions together, and protecting each other.
    • For Every 3 Spars/Missions (may combine) or 1 Successful repel of a Playerjump, the players will receive One Bond Point which will be added onto your stats
    • Both Players will have to use Bond Points to learn/gain any unique bonuses, and whatever the two players get will only be usuable/effect the two. Moderators will Identify which players can be afffected by Bonuses in the User's Stats
    • Players can only use Bond Points with the Friend that got the Points from the same activity. Example: Player 1 and 2 do a mission together, they can use those bond points earned on each other;Player 1 or 2 cannot use those bond points with Player 3.
    • Players can severe a Bond whenever they wish to;however, After a Bond is Cut, The User will have all the benefits between itself and the friend removed from the User's Stats.
    Uses for Bond Point

    • 2 Bond Points:Players are allowed to learn one D-Ranked Collaboration Techniques
    • 3 Bond Points: Allow One of the Player's Defensive Abilities to Defend the Other,once every three turns.
    • 4 Bond Points:Players are allowed to learn one C-Ranked Collaboration Techniques
    • 5 Bond Points:Players can no longer Target each other with multi-hits.
    • 6 Bond Points:Players are allowed to learn one B-Ranked Collaboration Techniques
    • 7 Bond Points: If the other Player Falls in Battle,The User gains 100 Life/Stamina/Chakra and all Offensive Techniques deal +100 Life Damage until the Killer has been defeated.
    • 8 Bond Point:Player can use his body as a Shield the Ally from one Attack;however, all Effects will hit the User.
    • 8 Bond Points:Players are allowed to learn one A-Ranked Collaboration Techniques
    • 10 Bond Points:Players can no longer attack each other with Offensive abilities.
    • 10 Bond Points:Players are allowed to learn one S-Ranked Collaboration Techniques
    Team System
    Sometimes ninja in the world will band together to form a specialized group or teams. Often the members will share unique traits or abilities. The Team can be made up of Three or more Ninja.

    Coming soon

    Team Requirements

    • At least three Shinobi per team, The max is 9.
    • One Team leader and one Sub-team leader.
    • Approval from the Village's Kage
    • A team name.
    Team Benefits

    • The entire team can attack one target;therefore bypassing the Two Ninja per one opponent Rule;however, the max amount of offensive skills targeted at the enemy must be 6 offensive skills or lower.
    • The Max Offensive Skills can be lower depending on the indiviual member's Rank Skill Limit.
      Example:A Team of 3 Gennins can do 1 Offensive Skill per turn, Therefore the Max amount of Offensive Skills the Team can launch at an opponent is 3.
    • The 6 Offensive Skills can be divided onto the team however the team desires, although the max amount of offensive skills that a Player can use must match the Player Rank's Skill limit.
      Example:A Gennin cannot use Two Offensive Skills,it must use One.
    • Only 2 of the people may be a higher rank from the lowest ranked Ninja on the Team, Anbu and Akatsuki are exempted from this rule.
    • The amount of Defensive Techniques used per turn does not follow the "Team Attack" rules.
    • After completing a mission,the team's participating members will receive the same rewards.
    • A team will be allowed to participate in more challenging missions; the team may participate in the next Difficulty ranked missions based on the Rank of the Team leader.
    • Gennin can do C-Rank missions when on a team or a B-ranked Mission if the team leader is a Jounin.
    • A Team of gennin can be formed if there are no Players with Higher rank in the village.
    • A Majority of the team has to be present to do a mission
    This actually doesnt have to be in the team section. i guess teacher/student gets its own section

    Teacher/Student System
    Teaching Rules

    • Teacher/Student Bonds can only exist between Shinobi of the same village or Allied Villages.
    • The student and teacher must gain the experience points in the same topic labeled: Teaching:INSERT TECHNIQUE NAME.
    • The Technique must be of the same affinity as the student's chakra element.
    • The Student's Level must meet the requirement of the technique, Rank does not matter.
    • While in the teaching thread,the student and teacher must use the technique;however, the student's technique will cost +100 more Stamina or Chakra depending on base cost.
    • The Sensei can teach its students techniques by both the student and teacher paying an amount of experience points from the Training Session.
    • The student must pay the cost of the technique in experience points while the Sensei must only pay half of the Cost or 250 (if the Half is lower) EXP points.
    Collaboration Techniques

    • Collaboration Techniques occur when two Jutsu are used back to back with each other,most Collaboration Techniques will be greater then the two Techniques.
    • Collaboration Techniques must be targeted at the Same Square/Target.
    • Some Collaboration Techniques may require a Player to Transfer some Elemental Chakra to the Other player.
    • The Techniques required to create a collaboration Technique no longer affect/do anything because the two techniques made the Collaboration Technique.
    • The Collaboration Technique will label which two techniques (or more) must be used in order for the technique to work,sometimes the techniques must occur in a certain order.
    • The Collaboration Technique will designate the order of Techniques with a number Sequence.
    • After the Last Technique has been used,That Ninja must also put the Collaboration Technique in their turn along with the required techniques to activate the Collaboration Effect.
    • If any of the Players/Techniques are interrupted or if an Opposing Ninja makes his turn before/in the middle of all Required Techniques are casted,then the Collaboration Technique is voided.
    an Example of an Successful Collaboration Technique:

    Typhoon Water Vortex Technique (Water Release:Destruction Torrent+Wind Rasengan)Multi-Hit 800 Life Damage,Cancels all Techniques that were used on that Square,Blinds for 1 Turn.Range:Targeted Square
    Player 1 wrote:
    Player 2 wrote:
    Enemy wrote:
    on G1
    Water Release:Destruction Torrent (125 Chakra) 200 Life Damage,Interrupts Opponent from Casting a technique,Cant Avoid/Guard.Range 3.

    @Target on G3
    Wind Release:Wind Rasengan (125 Stamina,200 Chakra)400 Life Damage,Knockback:2,Interrupts one Technique.Range:2

    @Target on G3

    Typhoon Water Vortex Technique (Water Release:Destruction Torrent+Wind Rasengan)Multi-Hit 800 Life Damage,Cancels all Techniques that were used on that Square,Blinds for 1 Turn.Range:Targeted Square
    *Takes Hit*


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