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    Birthrights/Expertises/Energy Amplifiers

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    Birthrights/Expertises/Energy Amplifiers Empty Birthrights/Expertises/Energy Amplifiers

    Post by Deimos on Thu Dec 08, 2011 11:48 am

    This Section will cover the rules and hopefully answer questions about Birthrights/Expertises/Energy Amplifiers.

    Leveling Birthrights/Expertises

    • Birthrights/Expertises have 4 levels:Novice, Adept, Expert, and Master.
    • Leveling up your Birthright/Expertise is based off of the Level Chart.
    • You may level up your Birthright/Expertise or gain a select amount of Ability Points.
    • Each Rank has a limit of how much you can learn the Birthright/Expertise; However, Once the Ninja Reaches a requested level,the Limit is off.


    • At the start of your time at Feudal Dynasty, You will be given a choice to either receive a birthright or receive Ryou.
    • Birthrights are randomly rolled by the staff. You can not choose who rolls your Birthrights
    • If you receive a Birthright that you do not like, there is a way to have your birthright rerolled.
    • If Birthright is Rerolled, it will be at the same Stage, the previous Birthright was.
    • The cost of a Birthright reroll is 1000 Experience Points. The Cost increases by 1000 per Roll.
    • Players cannot receive The previous two birthright he/she has owned.


    • Waivers are Tickets are given out to Players who rolled a Birthright that is not available yet.
    • Players can pay 1000 Experience Points to get the Substitute Birthright. You lose the Waiver.


    • A Player can have up to Two Expertises if the player does not have a Birthright.
    • To Gain an Expertise, one must fulfill the requirements of the Expertise.
    • Players can only Drop Expertises at the levels where they Level up the Expertise/Birthrights. At that level,you can pick a new Expertise
    • Users can select AP instead of bonus.
    • You cannot sell your Expertise; however, you may sell the Expertise Items.

    Talent Resetting

    • Incase you receive a new Expertise/Birthright, you may spend Experience Points to go back levels and re fix your stats.
    • You remain the same level
    • The Equation is 100x (Current Level-Level you want to go back to)

    Energy Amplifier

    • Energy Amplifiers can be learned at Level 40.
    • All Energy Amplifiers have a unique Requirement/adventure one must participate in to gain it.
    • Energy Amplifiers can only be dropped unless It is an Item-Based Energy Amplifier,then it may be sold.

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